Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Thanks to mammograms, preventing breast cancer or discovering breast cancer in early stages is commonplace. Patients can assist mammogram screenings by understanding your breast’s appearance and feel. If something is amiss, a mammogram can detect the problem immediately so patients can receive the best treatment option leading to a successful recovery. A mammogram is imperative to breast health, but it only works when women take the initiative.

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Since some breast cancers are undetectable, understanding the warning signs will encourage women to become proactive with their health. While not all warning signs for women are similar, a common symptom is a breast lump appearing suddenly.

Lumps are hard or soft, painless or painful, and rounded or irregular depending on the woman. Hard, painless lumps with irregular edges are the leading combination of breast cancer. However, all lumps require professional examination as each case varies.

For women who don’t detect a lump or have questionable symptoms, watch out for these warning signs:

• breast swelling
• breast/nipple pain
• nipple retraction
• skin irritation
• nipple discharge not connected to breast milk
• redness on nipple or breast skin
• thickness or scaliness on nipple or breast skin
• swollen lymph nodes under the arm or around the collarbone

Stages of Breast Cancer Warning Signs

Early cancer stages generally revolve around physical breast changes during self-examination or during a mammogram.

• changes in nipple shape
• breast pain continuing after menstrual cycle
• a sudden lump not disappearing after menstrual cycle
• clear, red, brown, or yellow nipple discharge
• redness, skin irritation, itchiness, swelling, and rashes on the breast with no explanation
• a lump/swelling under the arm or around the collarbone

Breast cancer signs in later stages turn serious. If one or more of these signs occur, contact a doctor immediately. It might not turn out to be breast cancer, but a doctor must be notified before the condition worsens.

• nipple retraction
• breast enlargement
• breast surface dimpling
• lump enlargement
• orange peel like skin
• vaginal pain
• unintentional weight loss
• lymph node enlargement
• visible breast veins

How OncoTab’s Agkura® Personal Score Catches Breast Cancer Early

The innovative technology, created by a leading Mayo Clinic breast cancer scientist, detects a common tumor protein that 90% of breast cancer patients have. OncoTAb’s Agkura® Personal Score uses blood to determine cancer prognosis.

Since mammograms tend to miss cancerous tumors in some women, the test is a patient’s second opinion to the mammogram, especially high-risk women. This will provide serenity to women who doubt a mammogram’s accuracy with additional proof they’re cancer free or have breast cancer.

OncoTab’s Agkura® Personal Score works much like the word, Agkura, which is defined as an anchor, does in the Greek language. The Agkura® Personal Score is an anchor for women of all ages and various breast cancer types to provide peace of mind, knowing that they are able to monitor their health.

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