The first targeting agent we have developed is a tMUC1 specific antibody, TAB004. This targeting agent has been fully humanized (hTAB004) and has been used to develop four products, all of which have received funding from the US National Cancer Institute following rigorous scientific reviews:

  1. Agkura® Personal Score: A simple blood test to detect the growth or progression of epithelial cancers (Validated for breast and pancreatic cancers in clinical studies1,2)
  2. Radiolabeled hTAB004 to image tumors in preclinical studies (Validated for breast3 and pancreatic cancer)
  3. Radiolabeled hTAB004 as a therapeutic agent in preclinical studies (Validated for triple negative breast cancer3)
  4. Engineered hTAB004 T-cell engaging bi-specific antibody in combination with chemotherapy in preclinical studies (Validated for pancreatic cancer). This product was developed based on preclinical results using T cells engineered with TA004 scFv to treat triple negative and pancreatic cancer4,5,6
products and pipeline


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