Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Thanks to mammograms, preventing breast cancer or discovering breast cancer in early stages is commonplace. Patients can assist mammogram screenings by understanding your breast's appearance and feel. If something is amiss, a mammogram can detect the problem immediately so patients can receive the best treatment option leading to a successful recovery. A mammogram is imperative to breast health, but it…

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Is Breast Cancer Screening Effective In Diagnosis?

Is Breast Cancer Screening Effective in Diagnosis?

Expert sources, such as WebMD and the National Cancer Institute, still hold to the fact that breast cancer, next to skin cancer, is the most common type of cancer among American women – but it is still agreed that if caught early, most breast cancer cases can be cured. Breast cancer is sometimes found after symptoms appear, but many women…

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Breast Cancer Screening Under The New Guidelines

Breast Cancer Screening Under the New Guidelines

Breast Cancer screening guidelines were revised last year by a group of health experts (US Preventive Services Task Force or USPSTF). Based on a systematic review of published evidence, they recommended women at average risk in the age group 50 to 74 have screening mammograms every two years instead of annually. For women in the age group 40 to 49, they left it up to the woman and her doctor to determine screening based on her risk factors and harm versus benefit preferences. This change sparked a firestorm fueled by proponents of annual mammograms and those concerned that insurance companies would require copayments. The emotionally charged opposition to the recommendations may have left many women confused. As we approach Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is important to revisit this topic and review any new findings.

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