The Agkura® Personal Score is a simple blood test that measures the levels of tumor-associated MUC1, a protein that increases with cancer progression.

The Agkura® Personal Score can be used to monitor the levels of the tumor-associated MUC1 protein in each individual. A personal baseline value or score will be established for each person allowing us to detect changes from this baseline over time. A score above the normal range or a significant departure from your baseline value would trigger a recommendation for additional diagnostic imaging like ultrasounds and MRI (click to view example laboratory reports). If you have dense breast tissue which can obscure breast cancer detection with mammography, using the Agkura® Personal Score as a supplemental test gives you an additional independent measure to monitor your breast health. Given the risks associated with high breast tissue density, we recommend that women with the dense tissue risk factor monitor their Agkura® Personal Score every 6 months.

Document: Agkura® Personal Score Clinical Performance Data

A small amount of blood, ~ 3 mL, is needed to perform this non-invasive test. Consume normal levels of water prior to the blood draw.

Click to view/download Sample Collection Protocol: For Phlebotomists.

The Agkura® Personal Score is performed in OncoTAb’s CLIA registered laboratory and costs $199 per test which includes all shipping and handling of sample collection kit to the customer and back to OncoTAb. Additional shipping costs will apply for international shipments. You can order the test through our website or at a collaborating physician’s practice (see “Find a Physician” page). A completed requistion form (click to view/download The Agkura® Personal Score Requisition form) signed by you and your physician is required to perform the test.  Get your blood drawn at your physician’s office or a local laboratory (you may be charged a separate fee). More details on the process of getting your test can be found by clicking on the “ORDER NOW” button on our website.

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Your Agkura® Personal Score can be performed independently of other diagnostic tests. However, we do recommend that you continue using the breast cancer screening tests that are deemed appropriate for you by your physician.

The Agkura® Personal Score can be used to screen for all breast cancer sub-types including triple negative breast cancer.

Our studies have been focused on women at the first time diagnosis of breast cancer. Our data has shown that the Agkura® Personal Score increases with each stage at diagnosis or the extent of disease progression. Our data has also shown that Agkura® Personal Score better distinguishes the stage of disease compared to CA 15-3, a test that is often used to monitor for recurrence. Given these results, we believe this test would be useful to monitor for recurrence in conjunction with current clinical practices. The best course of action is to talk to your physician to determine if this test should be part of your recurrence-monitoring plan. We will gladly speak to your physician and answer any questions he or she may have.

No. A completed requisition form (Click to view/download the The Agkura® Personal Score Requisition form) signed by both you and your physician is required the first time you order the Agkura® Personal Score blood test.  This form allows for ongoing monitoring.

Currently the Agkura® Personal Score is not covered by insurance. Our goal is to have it included in private insurance coverage as soon as possible.

You can access your results by logging in to the Patient Portal that can be accessed from the navigation bar of our website. Your results will be posted within 7 business days of receiving your sample at the OncoTAb laboratory. Your test report will also be faxed to the ordering physician’s office.