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OncoTAb, Inc. was founded with a mission to develop a continuum of products to address unmet needs in cancer diagnosis and treatment. To achieve this mission, we are developing multiple agents to target the tumor form of MUC1 (or tMUC1), an antigen ranked as one of the most important cancer antigens by experts due to, amongst other factors, its presence on most cancers of epithelial origin: breast, pancreas, colon, esophagus, stomach, lung, etc.

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tMUC1 is shed from tumor cells into circulation and can be used as a biomarker to detect cancer with a simple blood test. Since the source of the circulating tMUC1 can be any tumor of epithelial origin, imaging is necessary to locate the tumor. A targeting agent labeled with a gamma ray emitting radioisotope can be used to locate the tumor using PET or SPECT scans. The targeting agent can also be used to deliver a cytotoxic agent (drugs or lethal radioisotopes) specifically to the tumor to kill the cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. We have developed a fully humanized monoclonal antibody (hTAB004) and are in the early stages of developing a tMUC1 targeting nanobody and a peptide that will offer a range of pharmacokinetic properties.

OncoTAb’s business model is to develop novel products using cutting edge research and commercializing the products through partnerships.

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